The perfect hotel with pool for kids

A pool with a view

The Family Hotel Posta overlooks a lush green garden with swimming pools for adults and children alike. The hotel and grounds are surrounded by the idyllic scenery which is typical of South Tyrol. A deep blue sky, vivid green lawns and majestic peaks in a stunning landscape are the perfect backdrop for a dream holiday. The pool is located in the garden, but also connects to the indoor pool. It is much loved by younger guests itching to have fun.

The little indoor swimming pool that connects with the external pool was architecturally designed to retain a strong connection with nature. The result is a comfortable, spacious and bright design with many windows that permit uninterrupted views of the surrounding countryside. Constructed largely of natural materials such as wood and stone, this huge family space provides a sense of harmony and balance. There is nothing better than to abandon all thoughts and just relax in the comfort of a deck chair to enjoy the beautiful panoramic views. Close your eyes, ignore time and enjoy these special moments!

A splash of fun

Our family-friendly hotel is always animated with the infectious laughter of children. It is hard to overlook how much they love water. It is almost magical when a child comes into contact with it. It creates a whole world of fun and excitement, as well as a desire to socialise and make new friends. It is truly a unique relationship and one that is lovely to watch.

Taking into account the needs of younger children, the hotel has created a 30°C heated pool in a safe and secure environment. A shimmering expanse of water in which to have fun, play, learn to swim and also become familiar with one of the most important natural elements. Many new friendships among children are born in this world of excitement and happiness.

And no need to worry, as there are life jackets and inflatable aquatic arm bands on site as well as bath robes!

After swimming, children will rush to the playground to play in the sand pit and cubby house, with perhaps a small detour to play bocce (lawn bowls) or table tennis.

Sit back, soak in

While the kids splash happily n the children’s pool, mum and dad can enjoy some well-deserved relaxation in the spa. Take a wholesome Finnish sauna to soothe your muscles and joints and bring your skin to a new shine. Our sauna facilities range from the classic Finnish sauna to the Turkish bath with local aromatic herbs, and from cutting-edge saunas with view to the garden to an organic-hay sauna in a hut-like cabin – a big favourite of our guests’. There is nothing like a sauna to rejuvenate the body and mind, and help you on your way to a good night’s restful sleep!

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