The Healthy Pleasure of Dining in the Family Hotel in South Tyrol

Taste for culinary arts

The Family Hotel Posta is situated in South Tyrol, a land rich in tradition, including the culinary arts. Here delicious flavours spring out from recipes handed down from generation to generation, now interpreted with a modern twist. Our culinary team indulges every day in new, yet traditionally-based recipes. At breakfast you will be spoiled for choice in our dining hall, where a rich buffet offers traditional gourmet as well as healthy food. Special attention is devoted to the children' buffet. You will have the chance to customize your main meal, choosing from a wide range of traditional dishes, light food creations and vegetarian recipes. A special table is reserved for kids, where your children can enjoy their meal together with their friends, while being well taken care of by our trained staff. Let us surprise you with our afternoon buffet: a feast of home-made pastries, cold cuts and fresh fruit.

The cooks of our family hotel know how to tickle the young palates and you will be surprised to see how your kids enjoy their meals – even foods they are not usually partial to!

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